Our membership structure is flexible, reflecting the fact that Sedona is a community with diverse needs. Our members run the gamut from first time exercisers to experienced fitness enthusiasts. Many of our members travel extensively or spend half the year in another city or state. Because of this, we have no contracts and a membership can be put on hold for up to 90 days by giving notice five days prior to the end of the month. Reinstatment will be at the same rate if reinstated within 90 days after this period  the rate will be the rate effect at that time.
The first few days of membership at a health club are the most important because they set the tone for future success. This is especially true for people new to exercise, who join with the expectaion that their lives will be improved because they are now a health club member. Your fitness and wellness goals can be acheived with
a plan based on your present condition. 

 **​A one time initial consiltation for a fee of $30 for singles or a couple when they come together is reccommended. An initial consultation will help determine what is needed to make your exercise program successful and will include an orientation on our equipment. However, if you have not been active for a long time, or have medical issues that require special attention, we highly recommend a much more complete consultation and prehaps a few sessions with a personal trainer. The cost will vary depending on needs. The full program starts with a health history to document injuries, surgeries, exercise experience and any medications that may affect exercise heart rate response and will conclude with a suggested exercise plan.