We've got classes---At Least Twenty Three per week!

You asked for 'em. Boy, did we deliver. Our class schedule is brimming with good stuff. Whether you're a spin master or Pilates whiz, we have something for you:

Spin (Group Cycle)
Hatha Yoga
Tai Chi/ Qi Gong
Pilates Mat
Stretch Lite
Personal training
Senior Fitness
Kinesis Interval
Kinesis Training
Move Your Body Fitness

Body Sculpt Class

We have a class schedule that works with your busy lifestyle. Members can purchase individual classes and non-members and drop ins are welcome.  Plan ahead for spin cycle as space is limited.   

Stop by today and talk to one of our qualified instructors. They can craft a fitness plan just for you. We want to see you soon!

All group classes are held in our beautiful studio, spin cycle room or Kinesis area.

Classes not marked with an asterik require a specified fee for all and is paid to the instructor.

All other class  prices are:

Non members: $10 fee. we encourage drop ins and guests

Members individual classes: $5 fee

Unlimited classes for members (including Silver Sneakers & Silver and Fit participants)  are avaiable for an additional $15 per month.

Kinesis Wall:  
A new development in functional training that offers a wide variety of benefits. It helps increase the ability to maintain balance with movement, maintain and optimize flexibility, increase core strength to stabilize and protect the spine, and increase overall body strength and endurance.

Stretch Light:  
A gently flowing class to help you release the tightness and tension in your body. Great stretching beginners!

Move YourBody Fitness:
One of the fastest way to get in shape. Focusing on low weight loads and high repetitions, burn fat and calories, gain strength and quickly produce lean body muscle. We’re using weights, tubes and balls.

Core Plus:  Strengthen your core while lengthening and conditioning your entire body. Breathe better and stand taller.

Hatha Yoga With Ayurvedic Influence:  Poses individually practiced help focus on the physical as well as process the emotional and spiritual aspects. Asanas chosen and the time they are held will be guided by ayurvedic principles, which take into account time of year and weather influences.

Tai Chi/Qi Gong:  Get your energy flowing free with ancient Chinese techniques.

Zumba Gold:   Perfect for active older adults as well as beginners. Zumba Gold features all the same great music of as a regular Zumba class but at lower intensity. Focusing on balance, range of motion,cardio and muscular conditioning, it is the ultimate dance fitness party!

Indoor Cycling/Spinning:
A great way to improve insurance and is a beneficial part of your cardiovascular health.  There are classes for all levels of experience.

Pilates Mat: 
Exercise routines is on the ground using an exercise mat.   Pilates Mat exercise includes the use of small pieces of equipment such as resistance rings, balls and bands. Traditional mat Pilates exercise is still performed with body weight alone. The workout is challenging and provides great toning benefits.

A dance-based group fitness program. Each Jazzercise class features a fusion of dance, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing, and Latin-style movements set to popular music.

Circuit Class:

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Introduction to proper use of equipmen